What I Added To My Second Draft

There were not too many clips that I had to add to my previous draft that I had completed, only a couple of touch ups to certain clips and I then had to film for clips that I would put in at the end of the music video.

Firstly, I had to re-shoot the opening where there is a establishing shot of the house the protagonist lives in. I had to re-shoot this as the image was slightly at a angle making the shot look like I was aiming for a canted angle to confuse the audience when my intentions were to just set the scene for the audience.

Secondly I had to re-edit a part in the music video so that the actions that the protagonist is performing syncs with the beat of the music. This makes the video flow more and fits the codes and conventions of this type of music video.

I also had to film clips to add in to the end of the music video. The first clip I filmed was the back of a clock showing the clock ticking. I used this image to represent time running out for the protagonist that is shown in the music video. The clock progressively gets slower and slower representing time running out for her, this matches with the narrative as everyone has died on earth so she thinks she must be next.

The next things I added were the two candles. This represents the protagonists two friends that are shown to be with her when she is having a flashback of a happy moment in her life. The candles are lit at the start then both of the candles go out at the same time representing the death of her two friends. Therefore the candles give a symbolic meaning to her friends. Candles signify the light in the next world therefore links into why I used them in my music video.

Lastly I recorded a clock in the darkness which says the numbers “06:2” this represents the date of the characters death which makes the audience feel shocked and upset when they finish watching the music video.

Colour correction through my music video

Colour Correction or Grading is the technique of changing the colours present in an image. This can be used to lighten the media that is presented making the text seem bright and cheerful or can be used to darken the mood of the media making it seem tense dull and scary. Throughout my music video I colour graded the scenes to give them a sense of atmosphere whether to make the scene seem happy and cheerful or sad and dull. This helped me create more meaning in my text.




My music video is generally sad throughout  portraying a young girl alone in a world that has been destroyed by meteors and lightening. She is seen all alone wandering around places that were key places to go in her childhood. I have colour graded all these scenes in a grey tone. I chose to grade these scenes in grey tones as it really makes the character seem isolated and lost throughout the music video which was my aim when creating the video. The colour makes the audience understand the narrative of the video more as they understand that the character is upset and afraid. As you can see above the first picture is very bright which makes the text seem happy and upbeat and that is why I had to colour correct it to make the audience feel sad and sorry for the character when watching the video.


I kept the scene where the character has a flashback the same and did not colour grade this section. I decided to do this as the colours are very bright in this sequence. This sequence is when the main character looks back at past memories that she has shared with her friends, which is why I kept the scene bright to portray happiness that will hopefully come across to the audience that are watching as well.


First draft of poster feedback


Photo 02-02-2018, 12 03 26


I showed my music poster to two people as I wanted to know the strengths and weaknesses of my poster. This was very useful as overall they really like the poster, however they commented that to make it look a bit more professional I should add some text to the bottom of the poster. I agree with both of the improvements that the two people have given me and I will take this into account when designing another draft of my poster.