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Bloomsday music poster analysis



Bloomsday is a album by Esbe.

This poster is very unique and has a great meaning behind it.

To begin the first thing the audience notice is that pictured in the middle of the poster there seems to be a nuclear bomb with flowers instead of the normal mushroom top that is full with smoke.

The nuclear bomb could represent hate, war but also the end of hate and war therefore some people may say this can represent happiness in some aspects in terms of ending a war saving thousands of lives however ending loads of lives.

The flowers can juxtapose the idea of hatred of the nuclear bomb. Flowers can represent Humanity, courage and freedom. therefore when a war ends this can help with the freedom of the civilization living in certain country’s.

The flowers are pink so can represent sweet, nice, playful. All elements that juxtapose nuclear bombs and the effect of nuclear bombs.

The album that the poster is advertising is called “Bloomsday” The word bloom links to the flowers that are shown on the poster. When a flower blooms, it opens or is open, and when a plant or tree blooms it produces flowers signifying the start of new life. A nuclear bomb could also signify the start of new life as people will not be able to go back to the area of the explosion straight away so have to start there life over at a different city or country.


David Guetta Website Analysis!


When you first enter David Guetta’s website you hear his latest song that he has produced and put out for everyone to listen to. This is a very effective way of advertising his latest songs as the listeners will be able to know and hear his latest song as soon as they enter his website. You can move on to a different song by him or you can pause his songs and just browse his website.

The main background image when you enter his website is the album artwork for his latest song “2U” again this is a good way of advertising his music as his audience will be curious what the song is that the artwork is for therefore will research into it.

David Guetta’s social media links are all in the bottom right corner of the page this is to advertise all his links where his fans will be able to interact and know what he is up to.

at the top of the page there are tabs for

  • News
  • Tour
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Forum
  • Newsletter

This can help his audience with any questions they may have with any thing that he is up to.

History of house music

House music started in Chicago Southside in 1977 when a brand new club opened in that area called the Warehouse which eventually gave house music its name. The owner “Frankie knuckles” who opened the club mixed old disco classic songs with an brand new euro beat pop beat.

House was similar to disco music however it was more deeper and rawer and rather than disco it was designed to make people dance. Synthesised sounds were introduced that had never been heard before also dub effects were first introduce that again had never been heard before.

House music did not have its origins just in america but also the popularity of disco based sounds, english electronic pop and european music helped house music become known and played by many clubs.

House music had the ability to unite people across culture and ethnicities were derivative of what was happening in america at the time when house music was first introduced.


Curbi website analysis

Who is Curbi?

Tobias Paul Curwen-Bingley  is a British DJ and music producer in the House and Future House sector . He is known for his artistic name Curbi . In 2014 he gained international recognition with his single Discharge . He is currently under contract with Spinning Records.

His Website

The style and layout of Curbi’s website is very simple and effective and tells the audience that click on his website everything they need to know about who he is, his tour dates and his latests tracks that he has released

At the top of the page there is a loop of videos playing after each other. These videos show Curbi performing to thousands of people and give the audience that click on the website a taste of what it would be like at a Curbi concert, therefore is very effective.

A you scroll down there is a section titled “About” this tells the audience a brief summary of Curbi and how he has become successful and how he started creating music.

When you scroll down all of Curbis upcoming tour dates are shown, to continue as you scroll down one more time you can see all his latest tracks that you can click on and llisten to them straight away.





website analysis 7 Deadmau5


Deadmau5 is a Grammy Award-nominated and Juno Award-winning electronic DJ/dance artist known for his trademark helmet and popular live shows.

His website is different to the websites that i have already analyzed being that it has a more complex layout and the second you enter his website one of his songs are playing or a song that he has supported is playing. Next to this there is a twitch chat bar. He has added this to his website as he sometimes livestreams on a website called twitch. This is effective as people can just go to his website when he is live and comment on his streams

There are many tabs at the top of the page. The first one is his tour dates and when u click on this tab there is a quick transition to show all his upcoming tour dates that he will be performing live on and behind this there is an image of his trademark helmet that he is known for. The next tab is for news and everything that is happening in deadmau5 life. The following tab is the message board where he can post anything about events VIP ect. The next three tabs at the top centre of the page are media, releases and merch. From these his audience can find out anything about deadmau5 and where he is visiting

Tiesto Website analysis

Tijs Michiel Verwest was born 17 January 1969, is better known by his stage name Tiësto. He is a Dutch DJ and record producer. He was named “the Greatest DJ of All Time” by MixMag magazine in a poll voted by the fans. he was voted by Magazine DJ  readers as the “best DJ of the last 20 years”. He is also regarded as the “Godfather of EDM” by many sources.

Tiestos website is very simplistic with only two tabs at the top of the page( tour and shop) where you can click on to go straight to his tour page and his shop page. However if you scroll down the page you will find the shop and the tour dates for Tiestos shows. His website is based on a black background.

The top of the page shows Tiestos new song and his album artwork for his new song. This is a good way of marketing his music as the first thing that the audience can see when they click on his website is he latest music. when you scroll down you can listen to his latest music and again this is a good way of marketing his new music as people will decide weather they like his songs or not.

When you keep scrolling down there is a page for tiesto’s shop and when you scroll down all of Tiesto’s tour dates are shown. This website is effective as it is very effective and the audience can find out lots about Tiesto and his music



This poster is from the band Kings of Leon and the main image subverts the audience expectations immediately by just the picture that is positioned in the center of the image therefore it is effective and makes the audience wonder what kind of music is in the album.

The background colour is green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

Normally the humans ride the bulls however in this album poster it subverts expectations and reality and we see a bull riding a human, this catches the audiences attention and asks question about why the bull is riding the human as the poster does no answer the questions. The poster and how it subverts expectations could link in to some of the lyrics of the songs. To continue the man who is underneath the bull is wearing western cowboy clothes like a cowboy hat and the kind and colour of the shirt. This can portray that the music within the album that this poster is portraying is western or country.

The font of the name of the band “kings of leon” is in capital letters and in a large font. They have done this as this to make their names stand out so the audience

What I plan on getting from my target audience research

survey m


The link to my target audience survey is above. I have not got 100 responses to this yet so I cant analyse the feedback, therefore i am going to write about what I hope to get out of this survey and what i can learn.

My first question is are you male or female. This question is important as i need to get a variation of answers to show that both genders will answer therefore i can understand how they would want my music video to look like.

My second question is If you were watching a house music video what music video style would you be expecting to view. I chose to ask this question because i want to know what style to create my music video and which would be the most effective and look the best when creating a house music video.

My third question is how old are you. I chose to ask this question as different ages will have a different opinion on the genre and the style that I want to create therefore it will be good to get lots of opinions from different ages.

My fourth question is if you were watching a post apocalyptic movie/music video would you be expecting to see a male or female protagonist. This question is very important and is crucial as The protagonist is going to be the only actor in my film  therefore i want to know if people would prefer a male or female protagonist.

My 5th question is would you expect to see the artist or producer of the music in a house music video. I chose to ask this question as i want to see whether people think i should break conventions and not include the producer of the music in the video or whether i should should not break conventions and keep the producer of the music in the video.

My 6th question is Would you expect the editing to be fast in a house music video when the tempo of the song is 128bpm. I chose to ask this question as the normal tempo for a house track is 128 bpm so i was wondering how the editing style Should be whether it be fast or slow. I left this as an open question as i think people can explain why they would prefer a certain editing style

My 7th question is How old do you think the actor/actress should be in a house music video. I chose to ask this question as the actor/ actress will either make or break the music video and therefore i would like to find out what the expected age the audience thinks the protagonist should be.

My 8th question is Do you expect there should be a message coming across from the visuals on screen. I chose to ask this question as i want to know whether i should put some hidden meaning and message in this music video that the audience might pick up. If they want a hidden message this could make the music video really good and seem well filmed

My final question is what aspects do you find to be the most effective in a music video. I gave the options of camera, mise-en-scene, editing and sound. these are the 4 most crucial things i need to do well in order to produce a good music video therefore I want to ask the audience which of these they want to be done the best.