Music video analysis(1)


One music video that I have chosen to analyze is Broken Arrows by Avicii. This video is shot in the form of a music video where the visuals are telling a story however the vocals do not link to the song being played therefore this is a conceptual narrative. The genre of this song is EDM/house.

The overall tone to the music is generally upbeat however the music contrast the tone of the video and the visuals of the video at the start however the upbeat tone of the music helps to create hapiness and proudness at the end of the music video.

This video tells a narrative of a father and his daughter. The father was once an olympic high jumper however the father has stopped competing and is going out partying and drinking more then looking after his daughter. The lyrics show a relationship where the daughter was once proud of her father however this relationship has changed ever since her dad has stopped competing. The music video after the first drop shows the daughter trying to motivate her father to compete in high jump once again. This music video shows the hope and willingness that the daughter has to try and make her dad compete once again therefore her and her fathers life will be better.

At the start of the video lots of medium closeups are used to show the fathers and the daughters emotions. The audience are shown the father taking part in high jump practice and not being able to get over the bar showing how uninterested he is and how much alcohol and partying has ruined his life and career in long jump. Through out this the lyrics are painting a picture in the audiences mind that the daughter is upset at how her dad is acting.

The tone of the video is upsetting however the ending brings a sense of hope to the situation and this is when the music video starts to build up creating excitement which contrasts the tone of the start of the video as at the beginning the music video is quite emotional and deep whereas the ending gives the audience a sense of relief and excitement.

Overall this is a very effective music video as the narrative is very strong, makes the audience keep watching until the very end of the music video, furthermore the narrative is very easy to understand and follow.



Music Videos



A narrative music video tells a story, through a chain of events that occur. Some narrative music videos may seem like a short film as the main characters in this music video seem to communicate with the audience. A narrative music video is more engaging for the audience to watch as they can follow the story of the media text rater than in a performance music video they cant necessarily engage to the video. Narrative music videos attract the audiences attention, therefore this can help create emotional bonds between the audience and the video. Narrative music videos have a clear beginning middle and end how ever they do not always show these in this order. You can edit a narrative music video alongside the artists performance cutting back and fourth between the performance and the narrative. This style relies on imagery to produce a story for the audience to follow. Sometimes the performer is part of the story or is an observer to the story unfolding.



This type of music video focuses on showing footage of the artist or band either together socialising or performing their song they are showcasing. The band members are usually miming or singing the song that is being played. This type of production usually has the lowest production costs as the style of the video gives the audience a representation of what it is like to see the band perform live. For the music video to be successful the band would need to be fairly well known and fairly established or not many people will know about the video and it wont become viral. Performance music videos are very popular with established bands as the audience enjoy watching them as if they are performing live to them.


Concept music videos are based around one idea, the ideas are usually unusual or obscure that don’t always link to the video. The unusual content draws the readers into watching these music videos. A conceptual video that does well will keep the audience entertained throughout the music video. Conceptual music videos will use lots of symbols to build up meaning within the music video. The pictures used in a conceptual music video either strongly contradict the lyrics or support the lyrics. Conceptual music videos can contain anything and often contain unusual elements.


A hybrid is a mixture of all three music video types. Hybrid videos are usually very entertaining to the audience. They contain certain elements of narrative music videos, concept music videos and performance music videos.




Film Noir

Film Noir first came about in world war 2 when German fritz lang brought German cinema to Tinseltown. Directors of film Noir used cinematography that  featured bright direct light and dark shadows and use camera angles to express there films.

Film Noir conventions:

  • Film Noir is filmed in black and white.
  • Normally filmed in built up town.
  • foggy, soaked streets.
  • flickering spooky street lamps.
  • scenes appear dark, as if every scene is filmed at night with lots of dark shadows.
  • sense pf hopelessness and helplessness throughout every scene.
  • sense of corruption.
  • scenes feel claustrophobic.
  • cinematography is often distorted, putting the view at unease.
  • use of irregular framing shots.
  • damp and wet streets.

Film Noir films first occurred during the war in america and continued to be made in the 1940’s and 50’s. early examples of films Noir are; The Maltese falcon (1941), This guns for hire(1942) and Murder my sweet(1944). These films were firs banned in occupied country’s during the war. They then became available throughout Europe in 1946. The darkness of these films represented the disappointment of the times.

film noir revolves around heroes and many of the heroes in film noir are described as being alienated, as they are portrayed to be very bitter until the hero saves the girl at the end of the film. Crime is an element to most film noir films and greed or jealousy is usually the reason for the crimes. Film noir mainly tell a story of people who are trapped in unwanted situations who feel like they are frequently doomed.

The main themes in film noir are:

  • greed
  • love
  • betrayal
  • jealousy
  • revenge
  • murder
  • justice

Examples of film noir:

  • Fury
  • You Only Live Once
  • Stranger On The Third Floor
  • They Drive By Night
  • Christmas Holiday
  • Murder, My Sweet
  • The Suspect
  • The Woman In The Window


My chosen brief- Audio

I have chosen the brief audio and wish to create a music video. I have chosen this brief as i have initial ideas that I will discuss in another blog post. I enjoy watching music videos, I can tell good music videos from bad music videos. I feel like by creating a music video I can advance and improve on all of my skills I have learnt from completing my AS coursework. To continue I feel like this is a breath of fresh air as this is something completely different from what we have already done and it will require me to complete  skills and perform tasks that i have never done before e.g. cinematography. This will help me as I want to go to university and take a course in film production and all these skill I will learn will help me complete the tasks they will set at university. I feel by making a music video this should give me a new perspective into cinematography, film making and editing as I would need to make sure all the clips are synced together which will be a new skill for me to learn which again will help me as I want to do a media course at university and this will further help my editing skills.

I will have to create two of the following:

  • A cover for its release as part of a digital pack(CD package)
  • A website homepage or a website for the artist
  • A magazine advertisement for the album release

I have some skills in using Photoshop so I think this will be fine for me, I will enjoy creating two of the above. I love listening to music and i have a strong passion for music therefore it will be more enjoyable for me to create a music video.

Some of the videos that have inspired me are:


All of this music videos are visually stunning and tell a story throughout the video. These are the kind of videos I am trying to achieve. I want the audience to be captured throughout the music video feeling lots of emotions while enjoying the song. I hope when the audience are watching my video they feel the music video can relate to them. Overall I want the audience to feel lots of emotions throughout watching my music video.