My chosen brief- Audio

I have chosen the brief audio and wish to create a music video. I have chosen this brief as i have initial ideas that I will discuss in another blog post. I enjoy watching music videos, I can tell good music videos from bad music videos. I feel like by creating a music video I can advance and improve on all of my skills I have learnt from completing my AS coursework. To continue I feel like this is a breath of fresh air as this is something completely different from what we have already done and it will require me to complete  skills and perform tasks that i have never done before e.g. cinematography. This will help me as I want to go to university and take a course in film production and all these skill I will learn will help me complete the tasks they will set at university. I feel by making a music video this should give me a new perspective into cinematography, film making and editing as I would need to make sure all the clips are synced together which will be a new skill for me to learn which again will help me as I want to do a media course at university and this will further help my editing skills.

I will have to create two of the following:

  • A cover for its release as part of a digital pack(CD package)
  • A website homepage or a website for the artist
  • A magazine advertisement for the album release

I have some skills in using Photoshop so I think this will be fine for me, I will enjoy creating two of the above. I love listening to music and i have a strong passion for music therefore it will be more enjoyable for me to create a music video.

Some of the videos that have inspired me are:


All of this music videos are visually stunning and tell a story throughout the video. These are the kind of videos I am trying to achieve. I want the audience to be captured throughout the music video feeling lots of emotions while enjoying the song. I hope when the audience are watching my video they feel the music video can relate to them. Overall I want the audience to feel lots of emotions throughout watching my music video.


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