Music Videos



A narrative music video tells a story, through a chain of events that occur. Some narrative music videos may seem like a short film as the main characters in this music video seem to communicate with the audience. A narrative music video is more engaging for the audience to watch as they can follow the story of the media text rater than in a performance music video they cant necessarily engage to the video. Narrative music videos attract the audiences attention, therefore this can help create emotional bonds between the audience and the video. Narrative music videos have a clear beginning middle and end how ever they do not always show these in this order. You can edit a narrative music video alongside the artists performance cutting back and fourth between the performance and the narrative. This style relies on imagery to produce a story for the audience to follow. Sometimes the performer is part of the story or is an observer to the story unfolding.



This type of music video focuses on showing footage of the artist or band either together socialising or performing their song they are showcasing. The band members are usually miming or singing the song that is being played. This type of production usually has the lowest production costs as the style of the video gives the audience a representation of what it is like to see the band perform live. For the music video to be successful the band would need to be fairly well known and fairly established or not many people will know about the video and it wont become viral. Performance music videos are very popular with established bands as the audience enjoy watching them as if they are performing live to them.


Concept music videos are based around one idea, the ideas are usually unusual or obscure that don’t always link to the video. The unusual content draws the readers into watching these music videos. A conceptual video that does well will keep the audience entertained throughout the music video. Conceptual music videos will use lots of symbols to build up meaning within the music video. The pictures used in a conceptual music video either strongly contradict the lyrics or support the lyrics. Conceptual music videos can contain anything and often contain unusual elements.


A hybrid is a mixture of all three music video types. Hybrid videos are usually very entertaining to the audience. They contain certain elements of narrative music videos, concept music videos and performance music videos.





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