Music video analysis(1)


One music video that I have chosen to analyze is Broken Arrows by Avicii. This video is shot in the form of a music video where the visuals are telling a story however the vocals do not link to the song being played therefore this is a conceptual narrative. The genre of this song is EDM/house.

The overall tone to the music is generally upbeat however the music contrast the tone of the video and the visuals of the video at the start however the upbeat tone of the music helps to create hapiness and proudness at the end of the music video.

This video tells a narrative of a father and his daughter. The father was once an olympic high jumper however the father has stopped competing and is going out partying and drinking more then looking after his daughter. The lyrics show a relationship where the daughter was once proud of her father however this relationship has changed ever since her dad has stopped competing. The music video after the first drop shows the daughter trying to motivate her father to compete in high jump once again. This music video shows the hope and willingness that the daughter has to try and make her dad compete once again therefore her and her fathers life will be better.

At the start of the video lots of medium closeups are used to show the fathers and the daughters emotions. The audience are shown the father taking part in high jump practice and not being able to get over the bar showing how uninterested he is and how much alcohol and partying has ruined his life and career in long jump. Through out this the lyrics are painting a picture in the audiences mind that the daughter is upset at how her dad is acting.

The tone of the video is upsetting however the ending brings a sense of hope to the situation and this is when the music video starts to build up creating excitement which contrasts the tone of the start of the video as at the beginning the music video is quite emotional and deep whereas the ending gives the audience a sense of relief and excitement.

Overall this is a very effective music video as the narrative is very strong, makes the audience keep watching until the very end of the music video, furthermore the narrative is very easy to understand and follow.



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