House music codes and conventions

House music is a genre of electronic music originating by club DJ’s and producers in Chicago in early 1980’s. when house music first originated the genre was mainly dance music which was characterised by its 4/4 beats mainly made by the use of drums and synthesised baselines. This genre has progressed but has kept some of its main elements and now house music has progressed into sub genres, For example deep house, future tech, progressive house etc.

Through watching a lot of house music videos, I have picked up on some key codes and characteristics for these music videos:

One convention of house music videos are that the narrative that is shown is very ambiguous and questionable in there presentation of the video, the opening is always very mysterious and makes the watcher interpret how they got there and leaves the audience confused on what the music video is going to be about. This help this genres music videos feel abstract in a way that makes the audience think. This also links with the vocals, in house music the vocals are minimal therefore it is harder for the audience to interpret what the video is going to be about making it open for discussion.

Another code and convention of a house music is that it will have a shot where a lot of people are dancing in a club, and the DJ is performing this is usually a reference to the home of dance/house music, Ibiza.

Conceptual and narrative house music videos use minimal characters and actors in their videos. This is to show more emotion and thoughts to one character, therefore the use of closeups are used to show the characters emotion and thoughts.

The music videos for House music tend to have messages about dancing, love, sexuality, and drugs all undermined with repetitive arrangements and a steady bass drum beat.

However the genre of music video I want to produce is a sub-genre in house music called progressive house. Progressive house is played and made at the same tempo as any other house songs ( 128 BPM), however the music videos are normally more emotional and tell a story rather than filming people dancing at party’s or festivals. The audience can relate to the video and feel emotions when watching the video and this is the aim for when I produce a video.


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