Digipak analysis(1)

Image result for calvin harris funk wav vol 1 digipak

The first album i have chosen to analyse is Calvin Harris-Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1. Adam Richard Wiles born 17 January 1984, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, DJ, singer, songwriter, and musician. He is well known for his dance music he produces and normally collaborates on song with big names and this album is no exception for example g names include: The Migos, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott ect.

The font used is very generic however the title of the album and the producers name are both in capital letters. This helps them stand out and draws the reader to the text as it is easy to read but catchy.  the font is in a white colour against a grainy black background which again makes the text stand out.

The picture is placed in the centre of the album cover giving it a very simplistic appeal and the picture goes along with this simplistic appeal as the picture is a picture of the beach, showing the sea and the sand with the sun glaring in the camera. The picture is over saturated with the colour red. This is used to give a mellow, calm feeling to the picture. The picture is placed at the centre of the album cover drawing the audiences attention to the picture giving a sense of the tone of the music within the album which is a calming tone of music. By the picture being a beach this gives the audience a sense of the music that is within the album is summer, upbeat music.

At the bottom right of the album cover there is the record label that Calvin Harris is signed to (Columbia Records). Columbia records is an american label owned by Sony Music. Other artists signed to Columbia records are:

  • Beyonce,
  • Pharrell Williams,
  • Adele,
  • ACDC,
  • Daft Punk,
  • And many more.

The record label logo tells the audience who Calvin Harris is signed to, who to email if you want to get signed by them or want to email them about the tracks within the album.



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