Music video analyis (2)


This music video is made by an EDM producer named Alan Walker. I have chosen to analyse this video as his has some similar qualities and aspects of how I want my video to turn out and look like for example I want my music video to be based in a destructed landscape.

At the beginning of the music video fast cuts are used to portray the state of the city and the mellow tone used on the vocals contrasts the destruction and sadness that is shown within the video.

The mise- en scene throughout the music video is exceptional with dark tones throughout the music video portraying danger and sadness. The idea of danger and sadness can also be heard throughout the song therefore linking to the music video. the vidoe cuts between the abandon apocalyptic city and the two characters kneeling together showing sides of love and affection with vocals saying “let me love you”. These vocals tells the audience that the two protagonist are far apart and in danger however they want everything to be alright and for them to be together. From the scenes when the two characters are together i think that this is a flashback of them feeling a sense of happiness of being together and i can understand this from the tones of the flashback being white and yellow.



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