Music video analyis (3)


This song is David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia. The genre of this sound is EDM and features catching melodies and a catchy drop from one of the most popular and well known dj’s David Guetta. with the songs lyrics talking about inner strength.

This video opens with a closeup shot of actor Ryan lee holding his head giving the sense that he is upset and afraid. A panning shot is used to show the audience the state of his room and how he has not looked after the room portraying what his life is like at this current state.  long shot is used to show that this is not a room but is possibly a hallway of the boys school and how it is destroyed. a tracking shot is used to follow the boy and he walks past a classroom and a teacher is in the room looking very scared and worried. which contrasts the emotions of the boy as he looks back in frustration and sadness, then proceeding to put on his hat with the camera still tracking his movements. When the first drop of the song happens the audience are shown a medium closeup of the boy on his bike peddling really fast as if he needs to get away from the school. This goes and fits with the drop as the drop is upbeat and as a fast tempo which is also shown with the boy riding his bike at a fast pace synchronizing with the tempo of the music. The audience are shown a mixture of shots of the boy on the bike to portray and show the pace of the song and the bike.

The boy then enters his house where he is all alone, and the TV is on showing that there has been a supernatural occurrence at the school that he was in. from this we can tell that he is not normal and has caused the school to be destroyed, the boy then proceeds to run and pack his bag as if he needs to get out of the city as soon as possible as there are police surrounding his house, however the doors are all locked. the police raid then house from a long shot.  The audience are shown a medium closeup and a closeup of the boy using his supernatural powers to pick up the keys and leave the house.

The boy is shown through a long shot to be running away from the police in a empty forest again portraying how empty and lonely he feels. The police then capture him and through a series of camera shots showing the police officers and the boys emotions we can tell how they are feeling. and the boy then using his supernatural powers to get rid of the police and destroy the forest which tells the audience how the school got in such a bad state in the opening shot to this music video.

This music video was very effective in my opinion as it told a story of this boys emotions and feelings throughout and made the audience think and wonder all throughout why the police were looking for the boy. It also makes the audience want to know more about the boy when the music video ends as there are many questions to be answered therefore this  video is a very effective narrative music video.


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