This poster is from the band Kings of Leon and the main image subverts the audience expectations immediately by just the picture that is positioned in the center of the image therefore it is effective and makes the audience wonder what kind of music is in the album.

The background colour is green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

Normally the humans ride the bulls however in this album poster it subverts expectations and reality and we see a bull riding a human, this catches the audiences attention and asks question about why the bull is riding the human as the poster does no answer the questions. The poster and how it subverts expectations could link in to some of the lyrics of the songs. To continue the man who is underneath the bull is wearing western cowboy clothes like a cowboy hat and the kind and colour of the shirt. This can portray that the music within the album that this poster is portraying is western or country.

The font of the name of the band “kings of leon” is in capital letters and in a large font. They have done this as this to make their names stand out so the audience


What I plan on getting from my target audience research

survey m


The link to my target audience survey is above. I have not got 100 responses to this yet so I cant analyse the feedback, therefore i am going to write about what I hope to get out of this survey and what i can learn.

My first question is are you male or female. This question is important as i need to get a variation of answers to show that both genders will answer therefore i can understand how they would want my music video to look like.

My second question is If you were watching a house music video what music video style would you be expecting to view. I chose to ask this question because i want to know what style to create my music video and which would be the most effective and look the best when creating a house music video.

My third question is how old are you. I chose to ask this question as different ages will have a different opinion on the genre and the style that I want to create therefore it will be good to get lots of opinions from different ages.

My fourth question is if you were watching a post apocalyptic movie/music video would you be expecting to see a male or female protagonist. This question is very important and is crucial as The protagonist is going to be the only actor in my film  therefore i want to know if people would prefer a male or female protagonist.

My 5th question is would you expect to see the artist or producer of the music in a house music video. I chose to ask this question as i want to see whether people think i should break conventions and not include the producer of the music in the video or whether i should should not break conventions and keep the producer of the music in the video.

My 6th question is Would you expect the editing to be fast in a house music video when the tempo of the song is 128bpm. I chose to ask this question as the normal tempo for a house track is 128 bpm so i was wondering how the editing style Should be whether it be fast or slow. I left this as an open question as i think people can explain why they would prefer a certain editing style

My 7th question is How old do you think the actor/actress should be in a house music video. I chose to ask this question as the actor/ actress will either make or break the music video and therefore i would like to find out what the expected age the audience thinks the protagonist should be.

My 8th question is Do you expect there should be a message coming across from the visuals on screen. I chose to ask this question as i want to know whether i should put some hidden meaning and message in this music video that the audience might pick up. If they want a hidden message this could make the music video really good and seem well filmed

My final question is what aspects do you find to be the most effective in a music video. I gave the options of camera, mise-en-scene, editing and sound. these are the 4 most crucial things i need to do well in order to produce a good music video therefore I want to ask the audience which of these they want to be done the best.


Martin Garrix website


As soon as you enter this website you are greeted by the song artowrk cover to his latest songs. these slide along over time on there own to show the audience his newest songs that he has produced. The backgrounds are all different when you click the bottom, these are unique to the song that is currently being advertised on the home screen.

At the top right there are 6 tabs where you can click on to find more about Martin Garrix. the second tab is the tour tab. When you click on this you can see Martins tour dates that are upcoming, from this you can decide if you want to see him live. the picture behind the text is a picture of Martin performing live, this is effective as it shows what the atmosphere is like when watching Martin Garrix therefore this may persuade the audience to buy tour tickets.

The next tabs are music, lifestyle, merch and contact. these tabs are important and are everything you need in a website and the website is straight to the point and you can find everything you need easily without any hassle.

Don Diablo website analysis


As I have chosen to create a music video for one of Don Diablo’s songs i think i have to analysise his website where he promotes his music.

To begin i love the layout of this website. You can just scroll down through the page and go past all the pages, For example when you enter the website you are in the home page of the website then when you scroll down you will get to the news section of his website. It is very simplistic to get around his website visiting all the tabs to his website.

The home page shows his latest song that he has released and is giving you the option to watch the music video of it or to listen to it. The background of the page shows Don Diablo pictured to the right hand side of the screen with him looking iut at a window to see a city which is blurred which makes the website seem very mellow and inviting to visit and look around.

As you scroll down you can browse all his music that he has produced where you can either buy or listen to.The pictures show Don diablo in a studio showing he is a producer and that is where he spends most of his time. You also see a picture of him djing with a huge crowd infront of him.

I like this layout and this website as it is very simplistic however tells the audience all the important information that you need to know about the artist without boring the audience that are browsing his website.


XXXTentacion has recently only recently exploded onto the music scene because of his highly controversial song “Look at me” which gained him fame while he was still in prison

17 is a collection of different songs that speaks about XXXTentacion’s  personal experience with depression. XXXTentaction has got many people who speak about him positively and negatively, he is seen as to be very controversial.

The words shown on the image are are very upsetting and emotional for example the words “when will it end” and “pain” can be very upsetting especially when he is referring to his experience with depression and what he has gone through and how he has dealt with his depression.

In the bottom middle of the page there is a picture of XXXTentacion sitting down on his own curled up into a ball. this can represent him wanting to be alone and does not feel comfortable in himself and what he does and how he is. This links into his album of him feeling depressed and alone.

The top right paper summarizes briefly what this album is about and why he has written this album with words underneath in large bold writing that looks like he has scratched these because of being angry or feeling hurt. The words “there is no end” and “To the pain you must be numb” are very meaningful words that describe his feeling when he was going through this hard time. this album cover is very effective as it makes the audience stop and look at this as it is very meaningful and upsetting as loads of people have gone through what he has gone through. It has a very simplistic however very effective meaning behind this album cover. The number 17 is printed and written all over the pages as this is the name of his album.



This music poster is from the album “Daft Punk Random Access Memories”  which was released on the 17th may 2013 and this turned out to be a very important album for dft punk and helped them out in their career.

Instead of some artists showing their faces on the album artwork we see them showing their helmets. Their robot helmets are an unavoidable part of their public identities, so it basically is like they are showing their physical faces.

The split faces and black background are reminiscent of the cover artwork on the song “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” which was a  Daft Punk single from 2001 which really kick started their careers in the electronic industry.

The fact that they haven’t put their names on this alum poster is a big statement and shows that they are easily identifiable from there helmets and shows that they have a strong brand names and the helmets are the only things doing the talking on this album poster.

They have added a black background to this poster, this can portray:

  • evil,
  • death,
  • mystery.

This shows that they want the album poster to be mysterious but to also show how far their career has come.



Album Cover


To begin we see the famous trademark rolling stones bright red lips that appear in every album cover of the rolling stones.

the big red lips was designed by art student John Pasche in 1970, after the band became frustrated by designs provided by their label Decca. The original “Tongue and Lip Design” logo took two weeks of work and was commissioned for a mere £50.

The gorilla represents loyalty, leadership, compassion, dignity, and accountability. these are very important traits to people and people want these traits. the gorillas eyes are wide open therefore this could mean that the album is wide open for more interpretations than just the one that i have listed above which are the main traits that are linked to gorillas. Therefore this is very effective as there are more things that could be linked to this cover art then what you would expect. The gorilla is  taking most of the screen showing how powerful it is and how relevant it is to this album. The position of the trademark tongue is also quite important. It is positioned right in the centre of the cover this once again draws the audiences attention to the image and they can then tell who the album is by without having to read the text.

The text of the band name and the album name seem to be painted on top of the image adding an childish effect. This helps the alum attract a wide vary of audience ranging from a very young audience to an older audience therefore is a good way of selling there album.

Music poster


To begin I would like to say this is one of my favorite music posters mainly because of the simplicity of the poster however it is very effective and show you don’t need and titles to figure out who the band are who made this poster.

The idea and concept of this music poster is very simplistic. It only shows the 4 members facial and head hair that they have on their face. From these 4 pictures you can immediately tell who the 4 members of the band are for example the top left is John Lennon and this can easily be shown by the shadow of the glasses that he is wearing in this very simplistic picture.

There is no writing or text to show who these people are in the picture, however the majority of people in England can instantly recognize who they are straight away, furthermore if the audience would not recognize the band from the poster they would be intrigued to look them up to find out who they are as this is a very unique poster, therefore they could find a new band that they make like and enjoy and then purchase more of their music.

The black and white style of the poster can represent the era of when they were about and performing and creating new music. When they were performing there were no colour cameras so all there performances were black and white. The poster also is in just black and white bringing audiences back to the era when they were performing therefore is very effective.


The background is quite significant in this album cover being that there is a real mix of colours in the background that have many meanings. The dark blue at the top of the background can symbolize wisdom, intelligence and confidence 3 traits that can make you seem powerful. The light blue can portray loyalty and again wisdom and intelligence, to continue the white can signify innocence and purity. the main colour is dark blue so the artist “Monty are I” have main traits of wisdom and confidence, have little traits of intelligence and the white is creeping out and slowly getting bigger therefore they are getting more innocent and slowly becoming pure.

the main image picture in the centre of the album cover is a rhino what seems to be covered in some sort of red material that wraps round its whole body. the colour is a red/pink colour portraying love this juxtaposes the animal that is shown. rhinos are known for being dangerous animals therefore they wanted to juxtapose this opinion that people have on rhinos by creating a picture wrapping the rhino in a red/pink material



To begin the first thing that is noticeable in this album cover is the guitar with a gun morphed into it. The colour of this object is black which is very distinctive as an object that can harm and cause danger and pain. The colour black represents death and mystery this links to the object as these are the two main characteristics of this object.

The object can leave many unanswered questions that the audience may be asking themselves and wondering for example they may ask themselves what has the guitar got to do with death and evilness therefore this is effected as the audience will look at this album cover more than once as it catches there attention.

The gun framed in the middle of the album cover is an AK47. It is a weapon that was used in the war to fight and kill. They could of used this imagery to create a metaphor for the type of songs that are in this album as the songs may be very upsetting to sing about.

The guitar could symbolise strength and happiness as for some people when the play a guitar they are in there element and feel happy however this juxtaposes the gun.

The background to this album cover is grey this symbolises dullness or a loss, therefore this could be why there is a gun in the album art as they may of been someone in the singers life who is not with them anymore and thats why they chose the background to be in the colour grey.