Music video analysis (4)

Biffy Clyro -Animal Style


This music video is a performance music video. Before even watching this music video as it is performance i would be expecting to see:

  • The artist.
  • The band.
  • The band performing the song or miming the song that is being played.
  • A representation of how they would perform this song live

This music video starts with each of Biffy’s three band members members occupying  their own sheet of a white backdrop in a studio set-up. The video is shot in black and white to show innocence, power, destruction and anger which is all portrayed throughout the music video. Lots of camera angles and shot types are used to show all 3 band members playing there instruments and to show there facial expressions when playing the songs. The editing to this song is fast paced, flashing balck and white wich links to the pace of the songs. there are extreme closups of the band members eyes and teeth when the lyrics say ” Im just an animal” this portrays there emotions and the closeups are to show how animals can be visious.


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