Music video analysis (5)

This song is filmed in the style of a narrative music video so before watching i am expecting to be told a story through the use of the visuals of this video.

This video opens with an old fashioned theater opening credits to tell the audience who directed this video and what the name and artist are of this song. this opening catches the audiences attention as this is a unique way to start a music video, furthermore this can link to the themes and styles of how this video is shot having unique visuals.

The video opens and from the beginning the audience can tell that this video is set in a circus or on a stage in front of a crowd. we see a closeup of Chris Martin ( cold plays vocalist) with a dove hovering over him symbolizing innocence. the emotions show that he is feeling calm. we see a women throwing knives in between him therefore the audience can tell this is based at a circus.

I feel like the lyrics and video of this song portray a break up of the two characters in this video which can lead to Chris martins personal life when he wrote this song. I feel like he is also showing his emotions and how he feels when he falls in love and these can be shown throught the visuals of the video and interactions between the women and Chris martin. He is telling the audience how his love for his ex and every moment that they shared even though they are not together was magical. and once again this can be shown through the visuals as the two characters are shown having a magical time performing at the circus. The last scene once again shows the dove flying symbolizing hope and innocence and hope that is maybe portraying the two’s future together leaving questions to ask about this song and to make the audience think and wonder what this song is about.


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