Music video analysis (6)

I have chosen to do an analysis of this music video as it is different and contains animations however there is not much of a story or performance in this music video as it is a lyric music video.

To begin we see who this music video was directed by then lyrics to the song appear in colorfull letters to represent childhood and they are on a background which appears to be the sky adding to the childhood feel to this song wich cn link in to the lyrics of the song. the lyrics appear on the screen and are animate to perform different movements to add atmosphere rather than making the same letters perform the same motion. For example when the lyrics say “some superhero” the audience see an animated superhero fly across the screen into the sky adding to the character and feel to this music video.

This lyric music video is effective as it enticees the audience by showing lots of different animated pictures and motions on the screen which link to the lyrics to the song. This song also brought me back to thinking about my childhood as this song had a childish vibe going on in it.


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