The colour of the sky is a pale blue with hints of yellow at the bottom of the sky. this can portray happiness and calmness where a boat is peacefully floating on top of the sea where there is not a single wave to be seen portraying majestic and a calm, nice day. In comparison the lower images portray a different story of the one on top of the image. This image explores the struggle between man and nature. the bottom right image shows a very tight group of houses living on top of one another showing there struggle in surviving as they have to live that close together and do not get much freedom, however the whale beside them tells a different story of being all alone having so much freedom but not sharing it with anyone which contrasts with the houses as they are a tight community and share every moment that they have together with one another. The tree could be a metaphor for life.

The water is dark and murky with the whale or giant fish swimming all alone in it which can represent loneliness and sadness however to juxtapose this above the water everything is peaceful and simple. to conclude from the artwork i can conclude that the message of this artwork is that it is only a matter of time before the human city expand above the water and destroy the peacefulness of what is above water therefore concluding that nothing is perfect and there will be a weakness in everything.


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