This cd cover art is a very simplistic however very effective cd cover art that catches the audiences attention as soon as they look at it and wonder why the graphic designer chose to design the image like this.

The first thing i notice when looking at this cd cover is the horse and how the head and legs of the horse are in front of a screen and the body is behind the screen adding a atmospheric and horror effect to this cd cover art. This is a very mysterious cover art and i think as only the head and legs of the horse are sticking out the screen i think this album only tells 1 quarter of the artists story and how they have got to the position that they are today, meaning that they will bring out more albums telling the rest of the story. therefore a cd cover art gives of the first impression of the band to some people therefore this tells the audience that they have more to give. Horses are portrayed as elegant creatures therefore could tell the this album could have a different meaning.

The font and the colour of the font is very effective and once again adds mystery to the album. the font is mysterious and looks like a horror/thriller font. The colour black can represent death and evil which could be some subjects of there singing in this album. However this stands out as it is in the front and positioned in the centre of the cover art telling the audience the name of the album. The word thieves can represent someone who steals someone elses property therefore they could of stolen other peoples styles and made them there own.


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