To begin the background is symbolic of Travis Scott the color black can represent unknown and evilness, and red symbolizes blood death and love. the background colors are fading together which could suggest the merging of all of these words and that they are happening in his life at the point when he wrote the album he could be going through a breakup as this can be symbolized from the colour red meaning love and the colour black symbolizing evil therefore could the background colour could symbolize the loss of someone he loved.

Travis scott is picture to have wings in this picture.  Wings can be seen on angels and angels are seen as the purest winged spirit. The wings can also represent him being a messenger and his lyrics that he raps all have a meaning and a message he wants to show to his audience in hopes that they listen to his advice as he is portrated as a messanger.

The clothes that he is wearing are black symbolizing power. Travis is the main focus of the album and is pictured in the centre of the image therefore showing his power which is linked into the clothes that he is wearing.

He is pictured to be wearing lots of expensive jewelry and a expensive watch this is because rappers have a culture in jewelry therefore to be wearing all of that symbolizes and shows the audience that picks up his album that he is a rapper.


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