Firstly we see that Nas is wearing lots of bling and jewelry. This was a big part of the rap game and the late 90’s and early 200’s this was when he had a big part to play in the rap game and how it evolved. the orange jumpsuit  garishness his conscious in the spirit of irony.

The background shows an almost apocalyptic view of new york city, almost shows the downfall of mankind and this can also be shown in the skyline being dark and stormy. there are also the twin towers in the background of the skyline which is a little tribute towards 9/11.

Nas’s left hand has 4 fingers that are all straight representing his 4 albums he had at the point of making this album. Nas has a very expensive diamond ring on his first finger (pinky) this represent his finest achievement out of all of the albums which is his first album illmatic therefore the four fingers represents his past and how much he has achieved in his career. The other hand represents the future with the ring being on the finger which represents this album stillmatic.

Lastly there is a pigeon sitting on the wall. pigeons are seen as spirit animals therefore the pigeon could be nas’s spirit animal helping him through his life and inspiring him to help with his albums and that is why it is next to him. To continue the graffiti on the wall could represent his childhood and how he was living when he was younger.




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