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Firstly the main thing that catches the audiences attention is the floating piece of land which makes the reader think and wonder how it got there and can symbolise the birth of new species or wildlife, therefore there are many unanswered questions the audience can ask about the floating land. The land is brown. Brown can be portrayed as friendly therefore the land that is picture in the centre is appealing.

There are trees growing on the land therefore showing some life on this floating land which adds to the friendliness of it. there are also birds flying around and over it showing they have found a home on the land showing that it is friendly and open to any species that wants to live on it.

However the sky tells a different story. The sky is shown as dark grey this makes it seem like there is about to be a storm which juxtaposes the peacefulness and calmness of this floating island.This unpleasantness can also be seen from the sphere robots invading the island destroying nature and all of its inhabitants living on the island.

The land is in the middle of no where with only a running river and a load of rocks below it. the river could represent that god is around and is trying to spread life and start new life. rivers are normally found in villages or city’s therefore this river could represent life and how life has changed since there are rocks in the river stopping life and destroying life.therefore represents the destruction of what the floating land has caused which is different to how a river is normally seen as being peaceful.

The typography is positioned in the top right of the screen however the font is very small which could tell the audience that the title of the song is not that important and they want to draw the audinece attention to the artwork



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