To begin the first thing that is noticeable in this album cover is the guitar with a gun morphed into it. The colour of this object is black which is very distinctive as an object that can harm and cause danger and pain. The colour black represents death and mystery this links to the object as these are the two main characteristics of this object.

The object can leave many unanswered questions that the audience may be asking themselves for example they may ask themselves what has the guitar got to do with death and evilness, therefore this is effective as the audience will look at this album cover more than once as it should catch their attention

The gun framed in the middle of the album cover is an AK47. It is a weapon that was used in the war to fight and kill. They could of used this imagery to create a metaphor for the type of songs that are in this album as the songs may be very upsetting to sing about.

The guitar could symbolise strength and happiness as for some people when the play a guitar they are in there element and feel happy however this sense of happiness can be juxtaposed by the gun.

The background to this album cover is grey this symbolizes dullness or a loss, therefore this could be why there is a gun in the album art as they may of been someone in the singers life who is not with them anymore and that is  why they chose the background to be in the colour grey.

The typography is positioned in the top left side of the album cover with the name “The Cab” in white text. the font looks very formal and sophisticated portraying and giving a glimpse of how the songs are going to be in this album. The word “cab” is in a very large font and the letters are very close to each other portraying how close the band members are to one another and how important this album is to them.

The word symphony that is placed underneath these letters is in a very small font and the colour of this font is red. A symphony is a group of musical instruments being played together or an orchestra. A the colour of the word is red the actual meaning to the word juxtaposes the colour that is used for the word. Red could portray evil and death and both of these are not linked to the word symphony.


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