The background is quite significant in this album cover being that there is a real mix of colours in the background that have many meanings. The dark blue at the top of the background can symbolize wisdom, intelligence and confidence 3 traits that can make you seem powerful. The light blue can portray loyalty and again wisdom and intelligence, to continue the white can signify innocence and purity. the main colour is dark blue so the artist “Monty are I” have main traits of wisdom and confidence, have little traits of intelligence and the white is creeping out and slowly getting bigger therefore they are getting more innocent and slowly becoming pure.

the main image picture in the centre of the album cover is a rhino what seems to be covered in some sort of red material that wraps round its whole body. the colour is a red/pink colour portraying love this juxtaposes the animal that is shown. rhinos are known for being dangerous animals therefore they wanted to juxtapose this opinion that people have on rhinos by creating a picture wrapping the rhino in a red/pink material

The Typography is in all caps and positioned in the centre of the album cover as this is the most important thing as by just knowing the name of the song and the artist people can spread and talk to their friends or family about this album therefore gaining a larger audience that likes their songs. The typography is very formal and sophisticated telling the audience that their songs are serious, to continue


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