Music poster


To begin I would like to say this is one of my favorite music posters mainly because of the simplicity of the poster however it is very effective and show you don’t need and titles to figure out who the band are who made this poster.

The idea and concept of this music poster is very simplistic. It only shows the 4 members facial and head hair that they have on their face. From these 4 pictures you can immediately tell who the 4 members of the band are for example the top left is John Lennon and this can easily be shown by the shadow of the glasses that he is wearing in this very simplistic picture.

There is no writing or text to show who these people are in the picture, however the majority of people in England can instantly recognize who they are straight away, furthermore if the audience would not recognize the band from the poster they would be intrigued to look them up to find out who they are as this is a very unique poster, therefore they could find a new band that they make like and enjoy and then purchase more of their music.

The black and white style of the poster can represent the era of when they were about and performing and creating new music. When they were performing there were no colour cameras so all there performances were black and white. The poster also is in just black and white bringing audiences back to the era when they were performing therefore is very effective.

There is no typography used in this poster which shows how significant and powerful the Beatles were as a band as everyone knows straight away who the band is without showing any typography portraying how powerful and how significant they were as a band.


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