Album Cover


To begin we see the famous trademark rolling stones bright red lips that appear in every album cover of the rolling stones.

the big red lips was designed by art student John Pasche in 1970, after the band became frustrated by designs provided by their label Decca. The original “Tongue and Lip Design” logo took two weeks of work and was commissioned for a mere £50.

The gorilla represents loyalty, leadership, compassion, dignity, and accountability. these are very important traits to people and people want these traits. the gorillas eyes are wide open therefore this could mean that the album is wide open for more interpretations than just the one that i have listed above which are the main traits that are linked to gorillas. Therefore this is very effective as there are more things that could be linked to this cover art then what you would expect. The gorilla is  taking most of the screen showing how powerful it is and how relevant it is to this album. The position of the trademark tongue is also quite important. It is positioned right in the centre of the cover this once again draws the audiences attention to the image and they can then tell who the album is by without having to read the text.

The text of the band name and the album name seem to be painted on top of the image adding an childish effect. This helps the alum attract a wide vary of audience ranging from a very young audience to an older audience therefore is a good way of selling there album.

The typography that is situated in the top left corner of the album. The typography is quite formal portraying everything that the rolling stones say in this album is serious and they mean everything they say in the album. However the typography is also in the style of paint therefore this juxtaposes the formal idea as he painting typography could be seen as being childish. The text “GRRR” is in the colour red this could portray mischievousness which could link into the idea of the album being childish therefore there can be more than one representation of the typography that is being used. Just from the typography the audience have a sense of what the album is about.


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