This music poster is from the album “Daft Punk Random Access Memories”  which was released on the 17th may 2013 and this turned out to be a very important album for dft punk and helped them out in their career.

Instead of some artists showing their faces on the album artwork we see them showing their helmets. Their robot helmets are an unavoidable part of their public identities, so it basically is like they are showing their physical faces.

The split faces and black background are reminiscent of the cover artwork on the song “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” which was a  Daft Punk single from 2001 which really kick started their careers in the electronic industry.

The fact that they haven’t put their names on this alum poster is a big statement and shows that they are easily identifiable from there helmets and shows that they have a strong brand names and the helmets are the only things doing the talking on this album poster.

They have added a black background to this poster, this can portray:

  • evil,
  • death,
  • mystery.

This shows that they want the album poster to be mysterious but to also show how far their career has come.

This poster has no typography except from the record label at the bottom of the poster “Columbia” this shows how powerful they have branded themselves and how the audience will know what the poster is about just by looking at the masks. The masks are gold and silver these two colours are very strong colours that are expensive raw materials portraying their wealth that the two producers have. The helmet that is shown in the poster is half of both the two producers helmets put together showing that without one another they wouldn’t be successful and achieved as much as they have today.




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