Summary Of Initial research

Over the past couple of weeks i have been analysing music videos of all types Narrative, conceptual, performance and hybrid. i have also been analysing cd covers and music posters. From all of this i have gained a wide range of understanding of all the genres and sub genres of music and from all of this it has helped me understand the main code and conventions of my genre and what to include in my:

  • website/music poster,
  • Music video,
  • cd cover.

I analysed a wide range of music video genres from pop to rock to EDM. I initially want to create a narrative/conceptual music video and the genre of music that contains the most music videos that are in the style of a narrative or conceptual is EDM/house therefore i have decided to create a house music video. The research help me out a lot and i can see how the editing and shots should.

I have been analysing and researching cd covers from again a wide variety of genres, again this has helped me decide what to include on the cd cover as i know the main codes and conventions of certain genres and styles. I am going to create a very artistic cd cover with a hidden meaning and message in the pictures. I have chosen to create a cd cover like this as in my opinion these are the most effective and make the audience think and ask questions about the cover and leaves the cd cover to many interpretations leaving a mark on the audience.


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