XXXTentacion has recently only recently exploded onto the music scene because of his highly controversial song “Look at me” which gained him fame while he was still in prison

17 is a collection of different songs that speaks about XXXTentacion’s  personal experience with depression. XXXTentaction has got many people who speak about him positively and negatively, he is seen as to be very controversial.

The words shown on the image are are very upsetting and emotional for example the words “when will it end” and “pain” can be very upsetting especially when he is referring to his experience with depression and what he has gone through and how he has dealt with his depression.

In the bottom middle of the page there is a picture of XXXTentacion sitting down on his own curled up into a ball. this can represent him wanting to be alone and does not feel comfortable in himself and what he does and how he is. This links into his album of him feeling depressed and alone.

The top right paper summarizes briefly what this album is about and why he has written this album with words underneath in large bold writing that looks like he has scratched these because of being angry or feeling hurt. The words “there is no end” and “To the pain you must be numb” are very meaningful words that describe his feeling when he was going through this hard time. this album cover is very effective as it makes the audience stop and look at this as it is very meaningful and upsetting as loads of people have gone through what he has gone through. It has a very simplistic however very effective meaning behind this album cover. The number 17 is printed and written all over the pages as this is the name of his album.

The typography used in this album cover is quite upsetting and behind the writing the person who has written all of the words has a story to tell the audience. The text is very scratchy which could portray anger and frustration with whoever wrote all these words like “there is no end”. This is very upsetting to see these kinds of words as a audience and also to see how someone is writing in a very scratchy font which almost seems demonic.


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