Don Diablo website analysis


As I have chosen to create a music video for one of Don Diablo’s songs i think i have to analysise his website where he promotes his music.

To begin i love the layout of this website. You can just scroll down through the page and go past all the pages, For example when you enter the website you are in the home page of the website then when you scroll down you will get to the news section of his website. It is very simplistic to get around his website visiting all the tabs to his website.

The home page shows his latest song that he has released and is giving you the option to watch the music video of it or to listen to it. The background of the page shows Don Diablo pictured to the right hand side of the screen with him looking iut at a window to see a city which is blurred which makes the website seem very mellow and inviting to visit and look around.

As you scroll down you can browse all his music that he has produced where you can either buy or listen to.The pictures show Don diablo in a studio showing he is a producer and that is where he spends most of his time. You also see a picture of him djing with a huge crowd infront of him.

I like this layout and this website as it is very simplistic however tells the audience all the important information that you need to know about the artist without boring the audience that are browsing his website.


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