This poster is from the band Kings of Leon and the main image subverts the audience expectations immediately by just the picture that is positioned in the center of the image therefore it is effective and makes the audience wonder what kind of music is in the album.

The background colour is green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

Normally the humans ride the bulls however in this album poster it subverts expectations and reality and we see a bull riding a human, this catches the audiences attention and asks question about why the bull is riding the human as the poster does no answer the questions. The poster and how it subverts expectations could link in to some of the lyrics of the songs. To continue the man who is underneath the bull is wearing western cowboy clothes like a cowboy hat and the kind and colour of the shirt. This can portray that the music within the album that this poster is portraying is western or country.

The font of the name of the band “kings of Leon” is in capital letters and in a large font. They have done this as this to make their names stand out so the audience. to continue the typography used is called “Serif”. This font is the most recognizable font however they also made the font bold to make the name of the band stand out to the audience. the serif font is seen as being classic, romantic, elegant, formal and established. By the font being serif it sets the tone of the album so the audience even before listening to any of their songs can straight away get an understanding of how the songs are going to be.

The full moon could be a sign meaning and showing it can change people moods. They have added a full moon to the album poster so if people are feeling upset or down hopefully the album can change there feeling and bring their spirits up making them feel happy.

The background colour is a very pale blue which makes it look like the sea or the sky. both of these can be portrayed as being very calm. Therefore “Kings of Leon” just want there audience to feel calm and happy when listening to their music.


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