Joyner Lucas – Ross Capicchioni music analysis (10)


The beginning of the video starts of with a black background with the text saying “the video you are about to see is based on true events” this tells the audience that straight away this is going to be a narrative music video that has changed someones life. This then cuts to a pov shot of the man who the audience later figures out to be the protagonist bleeding with the text of the song and the music artist shown to the audience while lots of closeup pov shots are used to show the extent of damage to this man once again this a something that happens later in the music video but it is unexplained therefore the audience want to find out why this man is bleeding.

The lyrics through the song link to the actions that are taking place through the video. The music video is shot entirely through POV shots to show the perspective of the mans life that is taking place. We see the man waking up, getting dressed heading to school on his skateboard. He then walks through the corridors of the school inspecting everyone and watching what they do. Closeups and medium shots are used throughout this sequence. The protagonist finds a man and becomes friends with him. Through the mise-en-scene and lyrics we can tell that so far this is taking place in a school in a bad neighborhood full of violence.

The protagonist invited his friend round his house where he meets his mum where she tells him to look after her son. This then cuts to when the man is back at school and somebody starts fighting with him however the friend of the protagonist is looking after the man and helps him out listening to what the friends mum told him to do. The protagonists friend then says “He got me to the fullest, even if that means bullets” this predicts something very important that will happen in the future.

The protagonist buys a Honda civic and takes his friend on a journey and when they arrive at their destination the man pulls him out his seat and throws him on the floor and pulls out a gun and shoots him. This is a drastic turn to this music video which none of the audience would be expecting to see.

The images at the start of the music video appear again showing his body bleeding from the shotgun shown through pov shots. and the man steals the protagonists car which is a turn for the worse. A long shot birds eye view is used to show both the protagonist on the floor and his “friend” driving off with his new car that he has just bought. The lyrics wake up can be heard in the background.

The same as the start begins however we are shown a pov of the man who shot the protagonist. The songs then begins again with the same concept of him waking up and going to school however he is not new to the school and he is the one that befriends the new boy. The audience are shown a completely different lifestyle of the man not caring about school, taking drugs and drinking. A car is opened to reveal a shotgun with another man saying all you got to do is kill an innocent man. We see the man trying to choose his victim. and we see the other mans point of view to the situation where he was taking advantage of him so he could kill him to become part of a gang.

Then the final scene is of the man killing the innocent man and he becomes part of the gang.


Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko – Forever (9)


This music video begins with an establishing shot of the hills and wildlife with the protagonist standing in the centre of the screen, this is to set up for what is going to happen in the music video. The camera pans to the right to reveal more of the beautiful scenery and mise-en-scene that the protagonist is standing on. This cuts to a medium shot behind the protagonist facing his back in what seems to be a churn from the large windows the audience see in the middle of the screen. the lighting is full of red tones which could represent hurt, love or evil and the protagonist takes a couple of steps forward this then cuts quickly to the protagonist walking along a field with nothing behind him and once again cuts back to the protagonist in this red room holding what seems to be a chain. He then holds his face looking very upset while the red light shines on his face.

A long shot is used to show a black background then lights appear to turn on to reveal the back of a motorcycle in a garage. the garage gets lighter and lighter and cuts to a medium shot of the protagonist walking up to the motorcycle even though there are many motorcycles in his garage. He then cleans his motorcycle and the camera cuts to a long shot of the protagonist riding down an empty road portraying loneliness as there is only one house near him as well. Through a series of montage clips we see the protagonist riding down empty roads. with the mise-en-scene looking beautiful in the hills and countryside with noting around it.

The man has to turn on the light of the motorcycle as it has now got dark and stops to check the time on his watch. The protagonist has to fill the motorcycle up with petrol. The red light that we saw before can now be seen again over the motorcycle which could portray danger. The protagonist is then filmed in the centre of the screen smoking a cigarette which could represent calmness. Then through long shots we are shown the man driving off once again. A closeup shows the protagonist sipping a cup of tea or coffee. the camera tilts up to show his facial expressions when drinking this beverage. We see him planning a route for his motor cycle and this is shown through closeups and medium shots.

The protagonist sets up and goes of on his journey after looking at his map and once again through a series of montage shots the audience are shown the protagonist driving his motor cycle, stopping to check his map and to create a new route and to look at the time.

Travis Scott – goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar music video analysis (8)


The first thing that the audience think about when watching this music video is evil and this is represented through the snakes the fire the blood and all the strange colors that this video uses. Therefore as the audience our first instinct is to think that this music video represents evil however this is wrong.

This music video may be a reference to the old tv show called goosebumps which was a horror show for children.

A transformiing snake appears in this video, normally satan is seen with a snake with him however the snake can also represent a transformation like when a snake sheds its skin and transforms.

Travis scott enters a club however all the people in the club are wearing masks therefore as an audience we ask who are these people in the club Travis enters.

We see them girls who were sitting next to Travis once he transformed from a burning skeleton to a human giving off the impression to the audience that these girls are satan

When travis is falling through the sky quick cuts and edits show a mask being attached to his face that is similar to the one we saw the guy wear in the club that he entered and i think this can represent the devils worshipers or people who work for the devil.

travis transforms into an angel ut is sitting in a throne in hell. The angel wings juxtapose hell and is sitting on a throne therefore Travis is trying to overcome and get rid of hell


Lemaitre – Closer (UK Version) ft. Jennie A. music video analysis (7)


This music video begins with a closeup of a piano with hands that are repeating the same chords over and over again. this then cuts to another closeup of the boy who was playing the pianos face. From this opening we can already tell that this music video is somewhat based in a school because of the mise-en-scene that is around him and on him like his school uniform.

This cuts to a medium shot of a whole school band playing the diagetic sound. there are 5 members to this school band and the teacher is the bands conductor organizing when people should play. Again the mise-en-scene tells the audience that they are a school band because of the school uniform the children are wearing. There is then a cut to show the boy playing the piano once again in a medium shot framing the boy in the middle. The audience can already tell from this short clip so far that the boy playing the piano is the protagonist because of the screen time he has had so far. Two cuts are used to show a long shot of the band playing the diagetic score and then used to show a medium shot of the band conductor smiling enjoying what the children are playing.

This then cuts to a closeup of the boy playing the piano once again therefore agreeing that he is the protagonist in this music video. The camera cuts and tilts up to reveal the band members looking nervous. This then cuts to a medium shot of the band conductor looking at the boy playing piano in an angry way. The boy is looking nervous and stressed and this is shown through his facial expressions and actions as he turn to look behind him. The camera cuts and the band conductor and the boy are shown in the middle of the frame emphasizing their importance in this scene. The boy is shown wiping his forehead telling the audience he is sweating and worried and stressed about playing the piano. Once more the camera cuts to the teacher and through the mise-en-scene and camera it portrays the teacher being powerful and angry whilst looking at the boy as he is crossing his arms showing negative body language. this then cuts back to the boy feeling stressed and he is sweating and looking like his is going to mess up.

Diagetic sound of a trumpet is heard and also shown when a boy in green school uniform is shown through a closeup of him blowing on the trumpet. He then leans on the piano and the piano cover is shown through a close-up to slam on the protagonists fingers which directly cuts to a medium shot of him looking in pain with his eyes shut. The camera quickly zooms in to his face to emphasis the pain that he is in, sweat is shown dripping down his forehead. His eyes turn red representing evil. meanwhile a cut is shown and used to show the boy playing the trumpet not knowing the damage that he is about to cause.

Through the use of various close-ups the boy is getting more bigger and muscular causing his sleeves of his shirt to rip off, his shirt to rip, his shorts to rip and for his toes to rip his shoes and poke out. Meanwhile it seems like everyone is oblivious to what is happening. The now muscular man gets up and through various medium shots his peers look like they are in shock as they have all got their mouths open.

The man snatches the trumpet of the boy and snaps it in half showing and presenting his strength and power he has thinking he is the greatest. to continue through the next shots he is shown to be destroying everything in his way like the equipment and even throwing the boy who was playing the trumpet.

This scene cuts to a new room where the boy is transformed back into his normal self creating a sculpture looking very calm. The mise-en-scene is once again a school setting as the boy is wearing his school uniform once again and is in a school classroom when building his sculpture. The camera zooms to show his facial expressions and how he is when he has not transformed into a muscular man. However a cut shows once again that he is sweating and starting to feel stressed and this is shown in a medium shot of the boy in the classroom.

A cut is used to zoom in on the boy who was playing the trumpet before this could tell the audience that the protagonist does not like being around this boy. Various cuts are used to show how many children are in the classroom and how they are feeling when building the sculptures. The protagonist is starting to get stressed when painting the sculptures roof and leans to get some glue and accidentally drops the paint all over his sculpture. The non diagetic score is heard and the drop is played when the boy drops the paint.

Once again he transforms into this muscular man and through the use of camera angles and shot types the audience are shown him ripping and breaking everything he sees to do with sculptures including his own work.

After the drop of the song a medium shot is used to show him having a doughnut in his hand about to eat it with two kids behind him playing football in the background. A worms eye shot is used to show how happy his facial expressions are and to emphasis how powerful he is as he can just transform into someone incredibly strong( or that what he though).  The ball then hits him on the head and he drops his doughnut on the floor in the puddle. Once again he becomes very angry and transforms into the muscular man with his eyes turning red and destroying everything once again including an innocent little girls bike, with her crying in the background and even a birthday cake.

The music then stops and the man is crushing the ball however it is the boy trying to crush the ball adding a twist to the ending as the man he transforms into is not real and is his alter ego of how he thinks he turns when he is angry, but he does not change at all.

Bloomsday music poster analysis



Bloomsday is a album by Esbe.

This poster is very unique and has a great meaning behind it.

To begin the first thing the audience notice is that pictured in the middle of the poster there seems to be a nuclear bomb with flowers instead of the normal mushroom top that is full with smoke.

The nuclear bomb could represent hate, war but also the end of hate and war therefore some people may say this can represent happiness in some aspects in terms of ending a war saving thousands of lives however ending loads of lives.

The flowers can juxtapose the idea of hatred of the nuclear bomb. Flowers can represent Humanity, courage and freedom. therefore when a war ends this can help with the freedom of the civilization living in certain country’s.

The flowers are pink so can represent sweet, nice, playful. All elements that juxtapose nuclear bombs and the effect of nuclear bombs.

The album that the poster is advertising is called “Bloomsday” The word bloom links to the flowers that are shown on the poster. When a flower blooms, it opens or is open, and when a plant or tree blooms it produces flowers signifying the start of new life. A nuclear bomb could also signify the start of new life as people will not be able to go back to the area of the explosion straight away so have to start there life over at a different city or country.

The typography has got a very sophisticated font and are in all caps making the album cover seem very formal from this the audience can learn that the songs in the album are going to be very clear and send a message to the audience that is true and sophisticated. The letters are spaced apart, firstly this catches the audiences attention as it contrasts how we normally think letters should be written. It also makes the audience feel like all these words are separate and do not belong together and the audience feel like the typography does not flow well.

The font is also in the colour white this can represent hope which ties into the album artwork. The audience see pink flowers coming out of the nuclear bomb giving a sense of hope that it is not all that bad and there will be positive outcomes to the bomb. The typography is also white which contrast well with the blue background making the text stand out from the image on the page.

The image of the flowers blooming out of what seems to be a nuclear bomb is very high up in the sky towering over the world. this could represent new life being given of by the flowers.

David Guetta Website Analysis!


When you first enter David Guetta’s website you hear his latest song that he has produced and put out for everyone to listen to. This is a very effective way of advertising his latest songs as the listeners will be able to know and hear his latest song as soon as they enter his website. You can move on to a different song by him or you can pause his songs and just browse his website.

The main background image when you enter his website is the album artwork for his latest song “2U” again this is a good way of advertising his music as his audience will be curious what the song is that the artwork is for therefore will research into it.

David Guetta’s social media links are all in the bottom right corner of the page this is to advertise all his links where his fans will be able to interact and know what he is up to.

at the top of the page there are tabs for

  • News
  • Tour
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Forum
  • Newsletter

This can help his audience with any questions they may have with any thing that he is up to.

History of house music

House music started in Chicago Southside in 1977 when a brand new club opened in that area called the Warehouse which eventually gave house music its name. The owner “Frankie knuckles” who opened the club mixed old disco classic songs with an brand new euro beat pop beat.

House was similar to disco music however it was more deeper and rawer and rather than disco it was designed to make people dance. Synthesised sounds were introduced that had never been heard before also dub effects were first introduce that again had never been heard before.

House music did not have its origins just in america but also the popularity of disco based sounds, english electronic pop and european music helped house music become known and played by many clubs.

House music had the ability to unite people across culture and ethnicities were derivative of what was happening in america at the time when house music was first introduced.


Curbi website analysis

Who is Curbi?

Tobias Paul Curwen-Bingley  is a British DJ and music producer in the House and Future House sector. He is known for his artistic name Curbi . In 2014 he gained international recognition with his single Discharge . He is currently under contract with Spinning Records.

His Website

The style and layout of Curbi’s website is very simple and effective with the audience only being able to scroll down and tells the audience that click on his website everything they need to know about who he is, his tour dates and his latests tracks that he has released.

At the top of the page there is a loop of videos playing after each other showing Curbi playing at festivals and concerts. The colour of these videos sow very dark tones linking to the genre of music as normally this genre of music is played at clubs where the clubs are normally very dark. These videos show Curbi performing to thousands of people and give the audience that click on the website a taste of what it would be like and the type of atmosphere at a Curbi concert or festival. smoke is shown in some of the videos portraying a very mysterious atmosphere. This is a very effective way of advertising as the videos seem to show the best moments of his concerts and festivals when the audience are dancing the most which builds the hype and makes the audience want to see and experience one of his concerts.

The “about” section and the video at the top of the page is slightly faded stopping the harshness of the two colours coming together. This juxtaposes the type of music that Curbi produces as his music is normally very harsh, in your face and loud

Curbi’s logo is positioned directly in the centre of the videos that are played at the top of the screen. If you accidentally click on this website you will know straight away who’s website it is as the font s very large and the colour of the typography is white. This colour contrast well with the videos making the text stand out.

The website background is black and the colour of the text is white. These two colours contrast each other extremely well helping all the text to stand out and to be easily read. The colour black can also portray power therefore by Curbi having the website background as black this shows his importance and power in the house scene.

A you scroll down there is a section titled “About” this tells the audience a brief summary of Curbi and how he has become successful and how he started creating music. If someone may of got recommended or just came across this artist they can read a brief summery of who he is and the type of music he produces. getting to know what he is about and this might get the audience interested in his music. The word “about” is in all caps, it is very large and old showing that this word is important when visiting the website.

When you scroll down again all of Curbi’s upcoming tour dates are shown, to continue as you scroll down one more time you can see all his latest tracks that you can click on and listen to them straight away.

Curbi’s latest tracks are shown with the album covers. These are interactive and send the audience to a new tab where they can either listen to the tracks or buy them directly off a new website. The audience can interact and click on the play arrow where they ca listen to a brief snippet of his music. This is effective as if someone does not know who he is they can listen to his music directly from his website, saving them time going off and searching a certain song that he has produced.

Right at the bottom of his website is important contact information so the audience can ask questions, send promo’s or book tickets for any of his upcoming concerts or festivals where he will be performing. To continue there is also a black and white image of Curbi performing, once again giving the audience an idea about the upbeat, mysterious atmosphere when he performs. The black and white image represents the genre of his music as you would hear this music lots at clubs when the lights are off.

overall the website is not very crowded with very little information shown on the website however it is all the information that is needed.