Tiesto Website analysis


Tijs Michiel Verwest was born 17 January 1969, is better known by his stage name Tiësto. He is a Dutch DJ and record producer. He was named “the Greatest DJ of All Time” by MixMag magazine in a poll voted by the fans. he was voted by Magazine DJ  readers as the “best DJ of the last 20 years”. He is also regarded as the “Godfather of EDM” by many sources.

Tiestos website is very simplistic with only two tabs at the top of the page( tour and shop) where you can click on to go straight to his tour page and his shop page. However if you scroll down the page you will find the shop and the tour dates for Tiestos shows. His website is based on a black background.

The top of the page shows Tiestos new song and his album artwork for his new song. This is a good way of marketing his music as the first thing that the audience can see when they click on his website is he latest music. when you scroll down you can listen to his latest music and again this is a good way of marketing his new music as people will decide weather they like his songs or not.

When you keep scrolling down there is a page for Tiesto’s shop and when you scroll down all of Tiesto’s tour dates are shown. This website is effective as it is very effective and the audience can find out lots about Tiesto and his music

In the top right There is a tab that says “tour” this is where Tiesto’s audience can click on to look at his tour dates and when he will be performing and the country that he will be performing in. This tab is very convenient for the user as they wont have to go through and browse the internet to buy tickets for his tour dates and they can buy them straight of his website therefore this will save time for the audience wanting to buy tickets.

At the top of Tiestos page is a video that in large white fonts tells the audience his songs in his album. The font is very formal which tells the audience that clicks on his website that his songs are serious. The font is white as i stands out from all of the backgrounds that are being played while the name of his songs are being played. The images are very bright colours, i am not sure what any of the images are meant to be but it represents a party like atmosphere when entering his website which links to his type of songs that he creates. This layout is very effective to his style and genre of music he creates.

The background colour to this website is black, he has used the colour black as this colour contrasts with all the other colours on his website so everything stands out. helping the audience find their way around the website.

When you scroll own again the audience are shown a link and images to Tiestos shop. this is very effective as the audience can get a glimpse of his merchandise that he is selling even before clicking to the hyperlink which will send them to a new page. If the audience do not like the images that are shown on the screen they will just keep scrolling down saving them time, however if the audience like something they see from these images they will click on it and know what to buy straight away.

When the audience scroll down again they will see the page that they may already be familiar with if they have clicked on the tour tap at the top right, however once again they can easily book tickets to his shows if they want to see him live making it very convenient for the audience.


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