Curbi website analysis

Who is Curbi?

Tobias Paul Curwen-Bingley  is a British DJ and music producer in the House and Future House sector. He is known for his artistic name Curbi . In 2014 he gained international recognition with his single Discharge . He is currently under contract with Spinning Records.

His Website

The style and layout of Curbi’s website is very simple and effective with the audience only being able to scroll down and tells the audience that click on his website everything they need to know about who he is, his tour dates and his latests tracks that he has released.

At the top of the page there is a loop of videos playing after each other showing Curbi playing at festivals and concerts. The colour of these videos sow very dark tones linking to the genre of music as normally this genre of music is played at clubs where the clubs are normally very dark. These videos show Curbi performing to thousands of people and give the audience that click on the website a taste of what it would be like and the type of atmosphere at a Curbi concert or festival. smoke is shown in some of the videos portraying a very mysterious atmosphere. This is a very effective way of advertising as the videos seem to show the best moments of his concerts and festivals when the audience are dancing the most which builds the hype and makes the audience want to see and experience one of his concerts.

The “about” section and the video at the top of the page is slightly faded stopping the harshness of the two colours coming together. This juxtaposes the type of music that Curbi produces as his music is normally very harsh, in your face and loud

Curbi’s logo is positioned directly in the centre of the videos that are played at the top of the screen. If you accidentally click on this website you will know straight away who’s website it is as the font s very large and the colour of the typography is white. This colour contrast well with the videos making the text stand out.

The website background is black and the colour of the text is white. These two colours contrast each other extremely well helping all the text to stand out and to be easily read. The colour black can also portray power therefore by Curbi having the website background as black this shows his importance and power in the house scene.

A you scroll down there is a section titled “About” this tells the audience a brief summary of Curbi and how he has become successful and how he started creating music. If someone may of got recommended or just came across this artist they can read a brief summery of who he is and the type of music he produces. getting to know what he is about and this might get the audience interested in his music. The word “about” is in all caps, it is very large and old showing that this word is important when visiting the website.

When you scroll down again all of Curbi’s upcoming tour dates are shown, to continue as you scroll down one more time you can see all his latest tracks that you can click on and listen to them straight away.

Curbi’s latest tracks are shown with the album covers. These are interactive and send the audience to a new tab where they can either listen to the tracks or buy them directly off a new website. The audience can interact and click on the play arrow where they ca listen to a brief snippet of his music. This is effective as if someone does not know who he is they can listen to his music directly from his website, saving them time going off and searching a certain song that he has produced.

Right at the bottom of his website is important contact information so the audience can ask questions, send promo’s or book tickets for any of his upcoming concerts or festivals where he will be performing. To continue there is also a black and white image of Curbi performing, once again giving the audience an idea about the upbeat, mysterious atmosphere when he performs. The black and white image represents the genre of his music as you would hear this music lots at clubs when the lights are off.

overall the website is not very crowded with very little information shown on the website however it is all the information that is needed.








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