David Guetta Website Analysis



When you first enter David Guetta’s website you hear his latest song that he has produced and put out for everyone to listen to. This is a very effective way of advertising his latest songs as the listeners will be able to know and hear his latest song as soon as they enter his website. You can move on to a different song by him or you can pause his songs and just browse his website.

The main background image when you enter his website is the album artwork for his latest song “2U” again this is a good way of advertising his music as his audience will be curious what the song is that the artwork is for therefore will research into it.

David Guetta’s social media links are all in the bottom right corner of the page this is to advertise all his links where his fans will be able to interact and know what he is up to.

at the top of the page there are tabs for

  • News
  • Tour
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Forum
  • Newsletter

This can help his audience with any questions they may have with any thing that he is up to.


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