Bloomsday music poster analysis



Bloomsday is a album by Esbe.

This poster is very unique and has a great meaning behind it.

To begin the first thing the audience notice is that pictured in the middle of the poster there seems to be a nuclear bomb with flowers instead of the normal mushroom top that is full with smoke.

The nuclear bomb could represent hate, war but also the end of hate and war therefore some people may say this can represent happiness in some aspects in terms of ending a war saving thousands of lives however ending loads of lives.

The flowers can juxtapose the idea of hatred of the nuclear bomb. Flowers can represent Humanity, courage and freedom. therefore when a war ends this can help with the freedom of the civilization living in certain country’s.

The flowers are pink so can represent sweet, nice, playful. All elements that juxtapose nuclear bombs and the effect of nuclear bombs.

The album that the poster is advertising is called “Bloomsday” The word bloom links to the flowers that are shown on the poster. When a flower blooms, it opens or is open, and when a plant or tree blooms it produces flowers signifying the start of new life. A nuclear bomb could also signify the start of new life as people will not be able to go back to the area of the explosion straight away so have to start there life over at a different city or country.

The typography has got a very sophisticated font and are in all caps making the album cover seem very formal from this the audience can learn that the songs in the album are going to be very clear and send a message to the audience that is true and sophisticated. The letters are spaced apart, firstly this catches the audiences attention as it contrasts how we normally think letters should be written. It also makes the audience feel like all these words are separate and do not belong together and the audience feel like the typography does not flow well.

The font is also in the colour white this can represent hope which ties into the album artwork. The audience see pink flowers coming out of the nuclear bomb giving a sense of hope that it is not all that bad and there will be positive outcomes to the bomb. The typography is also white which contrast well with the blue background making the text stand out from the image on the page.

The image of the flowers blooming out of what seems to be a nuclear bomb is very high up in the sky towering over the world. this could represent new life being given of by the flowers.


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