Travis Scott – goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar music video analysis (8)


The first thing that the audience think about when watching this music video is evil and this is represented through the snakes the fire the blood and all the strange colors that this video uses. Therefore as the audience our first instinct is to think that this music video represents evil however this is wrong.

This music video may be a reference to the old tv show called goosebumps which was a horror show for children.

A transformiing snake appears in this video, normally satan is seen with a snake with him however the snake can also represent a transformation like when a snake sheds its skin and transforms.

Travis scott enters a club however all the people in the club are wearing masks therefore as an audience we ask who are these people in the club Travis enters.

We see them girls who were sitting next to Travis once he transformed from a burning skeleton to a human giving off the impression to the audience that these girls are satan

When travis is falling through the sky quick cuts and edits show a mask being attached to his face that is similar to the one we saw the guy wear in the club that he entered and i think this can represent the devils worshipers or people who work for the devil.

travis transforms into an angel ut is sitting in a throne in hell. The angel wings juxtapose hell and is sitting on a throne therefore Travis is trying to overcome and get rid of hell



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