Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko – Forever (9)


This music video begins with an establishing shot of the hills and wildlife with the protagonist standing in the centre of the screen, this is to set up for what is going to happen in the music video. The camera pans to the right to reveal more of the beautiful scenery and mise-en-scene that the protagonist is standing on. This cuts to a medium shot behind the protagonist facing his back in what seems to be a churn from the large windows the audience see in the middle of the screen. the lighting is full of red tones which could represent hurt, love or evil and the protagonist takes a couple of steps forward this then cuts quickly to the protagonist walking along a field with nothing behind him and once again cuts back to the protagonist in this red room holding what seems to be a chain. He then holds his face looking very upset while the red light shines on his face.

A long shot is used to show a black background then lights appear to turn on to reveal the back of a motorcycle in a garage. the garage gets lighter and lighter and cuts to a medium shot of the protagonist walking up to the motorcycle even though there are many motorcycles in his garage. He then cleans his motorcycle and the camera cuts to a long shot of the protagonist riding down an empty road portraying loneliness as there is only one house near him as well. Through a series of montage clips we see the protagonist riding down empty roads. with the mise-en-scene looking beautiful in the hills and countryside with noting around it.

The man has to turn on the light of the motorcycle as it has now got dark and stops to check the time on his watch. The protagonist has to fill the motorcycle up with petrol. The red light that we saw before can now be seen again over the motorcycle which could portray danger. The protagonist is then filmed in the centre of the screen smoking a cigarette which could represent calmness. Then through long shots we are shown the man driving off once again. A closeup shows the protagonist sipping a cup of tea or coffee. the camera tilts up to show his facial expressions when drinking this beverage. We see him planning a route for his motor cycle and this is shown through closeups and medium shots.

The protagonist sets up and goes of on his journey after looking at his map and once again through a series of montage shots the audience are shown the protagonist driving his motor cycle, stopping to check his map and to create a new route and to look at the time.


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