Joyner Lucas – Ross Capicchioni music analysis (10)


The beginning of the video starts of with a black background with the text saying “the video you are about to see is based on true events” this tells the audience that straight away this is going to be a narrative music video that has changed someones life. This then cuts to a pov shot of the man who the audience later figures out to be the protagonist bleeding with the text of the song and the music artist shown to the audience while lots of closeup pov shots are used to show the extent of damage to this man once again this a something that happens later in the music video but it is unexplained therefore the audience want to find out why this man is bleeding.

The lyrics through the song link to the actions that are taking place through the video. The music video is shot entirely through POV shots to show the perspective of the mans life that is taking place. We see the man waking up, getting dressed heading to school on his skateboard. He then walks through the corridors of the school inspecting everyone and watching what they do. Closeups and medium shots are used throughout this sequence. The protagonist finds a man and becomes friends with him. Through the mise-en-scene and lyrics we can tell that so far this is taking place in a school in a bad neighborhood full of violence.

The protagonist invited his friend round his house where he meets his mum where she tells him to look after her son. This then cuts to when the man is back at school and somebody starts fighting with him however the friend of the protagonist is looking after the man and helps him out listening to what the friends mum told him to do. The protagonists friend then says “He got me to the fullest, even if that means bullets” this predicts something very important that will happen in the future.

The protagonist buys a Honda civic and takes his friend on a journey and when they arrive at their destination the man pulls him out his seat and throws him on the floor and pulls out a gun and shoots him. This is a drastic turn to this music video which none of the audience would be expecting to see.

The images at the start of the music video appear again showing his body bleeding from the shotgun shown through pov shots. and the man steals the protagonists car which is a turn for the worse. A long shot birds eye view is used to show both the protagonist on the floor and his “friend” driving off with his new car that he has just bought. The lyrics wake up can be heard in the background.

The same as the start begins however we are shown a pov of the man who shot the protagonist. The songs then begins again with the same concept of him waking up and going to school however he is not new to the school and he is the one that befriends the new boy. The audience are shown a completely different lifestyle of the man not caring about school, taking drugs and drinking. A car is opened to reveal a shotgun with another man saying all you got to do is kill an innocent man. We see the man trying to choose his victim. and we see the other mans point of view to the situation where he was taking advantage of him so he could kill him to become part of a gang.

Then the final scene is of the man killing the innocent man and he becomes part of the gang.


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