An animatic is a pre-production tool used in both film and animation.

An animatic is similar to storyboards. A storyboard uses a series of images that are laid out to show camera and acting direction as well as to give the producers and directors a visual representation to help with the production phase of filming.

A animatic takes the individual images that are on the storyboard and puts them into a movie file and adds audio and sometimes these images become animated.

Benefits Of Animatics 

  • One benefit of turning a storyboard into an animatic is that the animatic moves and has dialogue and the required audio needed when producing the film or animation. It also gives a clearer representation of what the finished product will look like therefore it will be much closer to the finished product making it easier to see how your media piece will turn out.
  • Another benefit is that an animatic helps with the timing as the scene that appears when watching an animatic will appear on screen for the time it would do in the production. It allows you to tell the audience watching exactly how long each shot is held for and the overall timing of each scene.






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