The editing is going to be challenging and is going to be a big factor in how good my music video is going to be. There are many elements that I will need to add to my music video in post production. I am going to have to challenge myself in creating and learning some of these features. As I was the editor last year for my Media AS piece of work I feel like I have a very strong understanding in editing and want to push myself even further to create better effects than I already know.

Editing effects that I will need to add in post production:

  • Colour grading

I already have a basic understanding on how to colour grade using adobe premier, however I want to make my colour grading seem as real and as natural as possible. I will be adding yellow and red tones to create a sense of panic and unhappiness which ties into the story of my music video

  •  I need to create and animate meteors.

This is going to be the most challenging aspect of post production of my music video as I will need the meteors to look as realistic as possible so the audience will believe that there is a real meteor strike. There are many tutorials on YouTube that are very helpful however this will take up the majority of my time in the post production phase of my music video. Some of the videos that I have looked at are:





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